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Black Angus Genetics

Gardiner Angus- Ashland, Kansas 

The Santa Gertrudis cow is the foundation of the Nunley Bros. herd. Our Gert Bulls are from reputable breeders based on the most advanced performance data. 

​Santa Gertrudis cattle are designed to sustain and prosper in the harsh conditions of South Texas. High heat, drought, and brush country do not slow down the reproduction and fertility of this breed. They birth a small calf that eliminates most calving difficulties and the wean a calf that is bigger than most due to high milk production. Most females will breed at 12- 14 months of age which will give you a first calf at two years old. 

Gerts are able to adapt to many different environments due to their genetic makeup of 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 shorthorn. With further crossbreeding, Black Angus and Hereford, the animal we produce is not limited to one area of the United States. 

​We use Ag Info Link to keep meticulous records of birth dates, weights, locations, and performance. This technology provides us to verify the source and age of each animal. It also allows us to keep track of Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC). Which, are approved for export to the European Union.

Nunley Bros., is Owner Certified Natural. That means we have never given our cattle Ionophores (Rumensin, Bovatec, Cattlyst, Gain-Pro), Antibiotics and/or Sulfas (Aureomycin, Nuflor, Draxxin, CTC, Albon), Growth promoting hormones or steroids (Revalor, MGA Lutalyse, Ralgro, Dexamethasone), Beta Adrenoceptor (Optaflexx), or any type of animal by-products in feedstuffs, mineral supplement, or feed tubs.

A Star 5 animal is created when a pure bred Santa Gertrudis is bred with a pure bred of another breed. For Nunley Bros., we chose Santa Gertrudis cows bred with either Hereford or Black Angus bulls. This produces red motley faced heifers or solid black or sometimes black motley faced heifers. 

​The Santa Gertrudis base cows crossed with Hereford and Angus make an ideal heterosis genetic blend that produces a productive feeder animal along with a superior cow in the pasture.

​With all the selection and management practices available we realize that heterosis is the most beneficial way to produce efficiency, stayability, and predictability for the cow calf industry.

​Bulls are selected on the results of EPDs and DNA testing. Nunley Bros. is committed to buying and breeding cattle with the best possible genetics. 

Hereford Genetics
Bill Breeding- Miami, Texas
Dudley Brothers- Comanche, Texas
W4- Morgan, Texas
Weinheimer- Stonewall, Texas